Wednesday, 14 October 2015

New Zealand ShakeOut Day

New Zealand Shakeout day.
Join us in the journey. Information listed above.

In this presentation the information above is informing you on the Shakeout day on the 15th of October. Please take the time to see what this is about and to take part of the event. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tuakana Teina - Predator Tag

Today me and my group, were given younger people to teach our game we played. Which was called predator tag. This game is in the presentation. But in the rest of the slides we have things we done successful and unsuccessful and what we can improve on that so please enjoy.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Key Ideas - Iron Tamariki

Key Ideas - Iron Tamariki

Our year 8 teacher Ms Aireen gave us a text to read called "Iron Tamariki". Then after we finished reading the story and summarised the text in our reading groups we then had to write down some key ideas from the text. Here is my key information. One key idea from the text is that Mana just wanted his parents to get along with each other during his training. He wanted for both of his parents to be together and be happy. Instead of him having a growth mindset towards to marathon he put himself down.

Iron tamariki, a text the class was given to express the key information (ideas). The main idea me and a buddy have come up with is having a growth mindset. In the text there is a boy who wants to run a marathon, but with his mum and dad training him. With his dads help he was able to finish the marathon. This is explaining that the dad had a growth, how did I find this out? With my inferring capabilities with reading. So In the story a key Idea having a growth mindset not only because the dad helped in his son, also because the son chose to keep going and trying to complete the race.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hauora - How does touch help develop Hauora

WALT: investigate community resources/facilities that support our hauora.
Today the classroom was given another task on hauora. This time its about a community game / sport that can help with hauora and how it can develop positive emotions towards 
Taha Whanau 
Taa Wairua
Taha Tinana
Taha Hinegaro

Brodie Whare Tapa Wha

WALT: identify factors that affect our personal, physical, social, and emotional growth. Today was very exciting. The class was given a task about out health and personal this went really well, one because I know a lot about myself, second I was listening to an inspiring song. Imagine Dragons - Counting Stars. Here are the meanings of the four walls 
Taha Tiana 
Te taha tinana also know has physical health is a health know for emotions and abilities. A person that can put their thoughts towards physical emotions and are also know for development.e on by them 
Taha Wairua 
Taha Wairua means to believe in your inner spiritual self. Having faith inside of you means believing yourself in life and trying your best to achieve your goals. Living peaceful and having a strong heart towards your ways and the values of your heritage. It's about your heritage,where you come from, your spiritual well - being. Spiritual well- being means searching for meanings and the purpose of your life and the way you live it. Taking care of yourself and who else is around you,can lead to peace and forgiveness. 
Taha Whanau 
Family health is kind of a matter of family emotions ,pride ,choices and beliefs. Some families need discipline some need to be proud of themself instead of getting angry and give up so don’t give up, keep trying and don’t give up until you are complete and also think positive not the negative. The trust you have for your family is more important because if you don’t trust them they won’t trust you and that will be hard in life. Taha Hinengaro 
Facts This wall represents the mind and emotions of a person. Any events, either bad or good, have a bad or good effect of the person. It also represents the person’s thoughts, and with many bad thoughts, develop a bad and sick mind. The wall also represents the person’s representation of things around them, and how it makes them feel. The choices they make come from their mental health and the way they nurture it. Any thoughts affects their communication to many people, to many relationships.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Multiple Multiplicative Methods - Brodie & Brooklyn

Today for maths me and my partner Brooklyn, decided to work on our multiplicative thinking skills. Such as figuring which math solutions are the best. I did halve of the work & Brooklyn (My buddy) done the other halve.
Please  Enjoy.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Current Event - FLYING MINION!

This task is based around bloom's taxonomy.
Which is basically answering questions based around current events, and in this task I will talk about a FLYING MINION! :0